Hello. My name is Dawn and I'm an illustrator based in Hampshire. I've been creating things with my hands and inventing unusual ideas with my mind ever since I was little. 

I create illustrations using watercolour and ink but also make collages. I am interested in creating illustrations for children as I adore inventing stories and characters (I can often be found anthropomorphising animals). There is nothing better than a world created by, or for children - children seem to have a lot more fun than adults! 

In previous lives I've been a graphic designer, a bookseller, a book critic, a polymer clay artist and I've worked in a bingo hall. I created my first book at the age of nine using two chubby marker pens (black and blue), to tell the story of a bouncy blue ball. 

I find much of my inspiration in my childhood memories (I was an avid book reader and adventurer) but also in music, the outdoors, animals, books and film.

When not painting, drawing or writing, you will find me at second hand book stores and craft fairs, outside walking up hills, at the theatre, reading, dancing badly in my living room,  singing along with a musical (badly), and drinking tea and hot chocolate (although rarely at the same time).